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Sinai Academy and Be'er Hagolah Alumni Page

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Name Email Attended College Company Updated
Ruben Abramovruben@fastautoshipping.com1998 - 2001College of Staten IslandAuto Movers of New York12/04/2009
Website: www.automoversofny.comOccupation: CEO
Konstantin Pigulskykonstantin192@yahoo.com1997 - 1999Brooklyn College. SUNY Downstate for Masters degreLutheran medical center12/01/2007
Website: Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Michael Gelfandmtgelfand@yahoo.com1990 - 1996Long Island UniversityFamily Smile Dental11/20/2007
Website: www.familysmile.netOccupation: Dentist
Daniel Petrovpetrov2007@aol.com2003 - 2007AJ in IsraelDon't have one11/20/2007
Website: Occupation: student
Leon Kushnirdrk200@yahoo.com1990 - 1997Pace UniversityNone11/19/2007
Website: Occupation: Physician
Ilya Estrindim_corp@yahoo.com2004 - 2007LIUnone11/14/2007
Website: Occupation: shcool
Albert Katanovaldiesel@gmail.com1992 - 1995New York City Technical CollegeVitech Systems Group09/29/2007
Website: Occupation: System Analyst
Dmitriy Kosovskiydima025@aol.com1992 - 1995kings/s.iGladiators09/12/2007
Website: Occupation: diesel fleet operator
Victoria (Sosinova) Albertvidiem@yahoo.com1991 - 1992BU, Tufts, Yale UHealth Net08/09/2007
Website: Occupation: Director eBusiness
Alexander Lateralex@ezraus.org1993 - 1995Touro CollegeEzra USA world youth movement08/03/2007
Website: www.ezraus.orgOccupation: admistrator
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Moshe Solowaymsoloway@hfls.org1994 - 1994YUHebrew Free Loan Society08/02/2007
Website: www.hfls.orgOccupation: Assistant Executive Director
Aliza (Elina) Grinbergaluz2@juno.com1998 - 2002Pace UniversityPwC07/31/2007
Website: Occupation: Accountant
Yevgeniya(Yentl) Bluvshteynjen_bluv@yahoo.com1998 - 2002Brooklyn CollegeThomson Tax07/31/2007
Website: Occupation: Tax Analyst
Ilana TserlinbrakhaVshalom@gmail.com1991 - 1994Brooklyn CollegeHome07/31/2007
Website: Occupation: Imma
Vitaliy PopovVitaliypo@hotmail.com1999 - 2002N/AVillage Group06/19/2007
Website: www.villagegroup.comOccupation: Accountant
Oleg SaitskiyOSaitskiy@gmail.com1992 - 1996Pace UniversityCitigroup06/18/2007
Website: Occupation: Fixed Income Trading
Valeriy KrayterVal.Krayter@gmail.com1991 - 1995N/AMillennium Realty of Palm Coast06/18/2007
Website: www.mrealtypc.comOccupation: Real Estate Broker
(Abraham)arkadiy avezbakiyevarkadiy202003@yahoo.com1997 - 2002CUNY Brooklyn Colelgenot working, but looking06/17/2007
Website: Occupation: not employed
Gary Pyatigorskyshayka79@aol.com1992 - 1997Brooklyn CollegeReach Local06/17/2007
Website: www.reachlocal.comOccupation: Internet Marketing Consultant
Ari Rosentsvaygari_rosensweig@yahoo.com1990 - 1993Pace UniversityDepartment of Small Business Services NYC06/08/2007
Website: Occupation: Programmer
Vladimir KhavulyaVladimir.Khavulya@gmail.com1987 - 2007Polytechnic UniversityInvestment Technology Group Inc.05/29/2007
Website: Occupation: Software Developer
Dima Parkhomovskydparkhom@gmail.com1989 - 1995Polytechnic UniversityMorgan Stanley05/29/2007
Website: Occupation: Programmer
Moshe - 1993Polytechnic UniversityEnzyme Digital05/27/2007
Website: www.ookamikun.comOccupation: Freelance Web Developer
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Edward Riverstoneedward1526@yahoo.com1997 - 2002Technical Collegeslrview02/24/2010
Website: www.slrview.comOccupation: System Analyst
Zev Shifrinzev1978@aol.com1991 - 1996n/aB01/13/2008
Website: www.bhphotovideo.comOccupation: web QC
Boris Zhukovskiypeaker86@gmail.com1987 - 2009PolytechnicThe Clarient Group01/06/2009
Website: Occupation: CADD Operator
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